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Name:The Rambling Soldier
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for all fans of Bernard Cornwell's "Sharpe" series
Community banner by [personal profile] sharpiefan

Welcome to The Rambling Soldier!

This is a community for fans of Bernard Cornwell's "Sharpe" series to get together and discuss, write fic, make art or vids relating to the characters featured in the Sharpe novels and the accompanying Carlton TV series. Anything relating to the British Army, its allies and enemies during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, historical fact or fiction, is more than welcome also.

Warning: This is a slash friendly community, so please be aware of such content and check headers accordingly should you wish to avoid it (or find it); likewise I must ask all posts to be labelled accordingly.

On that note, please use the following header on all works of fiction, with the main body of text behind a cut for anything longer than 300 words:

Characters and/or Pairing:

You may also need/wish to include:

Warnings: (Use common sense: Unsure if it needs a warning? It probably does!)
Author's Notes: (Credit to your beta and/or anything else you think people might like to know.)

Community Guidelines:

1. Fic, icons and fan art are all welcome here, as are discussions and recommendations of books, films, etc., so long as they relate to the Sharpe series in some way.
2. Descriptive subject titles to posts are not obligatory, but helpful.
3. If a suitable tag(s) exists, please make use of it. If not, one will be added later.
4. Whilst crossovers between fandoms are welcome, please keep it more or less focussed on the Sharpe fandom.
5. Please use a cut for any post containing more than 3 icons, 300 words of fic or a large piece of art. Also, if it's NSFW, please put it behind a cut and lable accordingly.
6. Play nice!

and last, but not least:

7. If in doubt put it behind a cut, stick warnings on it, or PM me. If you don't like it? Scroll past it.

Any queries about anything else do not hesitate to PM the moderator, [personal profile] latin_cat (That's me!).
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